who are
Transparency ?

behind the philosophy
of living by design

Our structural engineering roots of always needing to “find a better way” have spilled over into our everyday lives and raised the question:
“How can everyone live better by design?”
A house can give us freedom to find our own space, but the flipside is it also can become a financial burden which restricts the other parts of our lives.

our people

Our team since our inception has worked, by day, in the areas of accounts, administration, advisement, architectural design, structural consultancy, software development and structural design; Transparency’s dream remains, that, by night (and eventually also by day 😏), our team will live by design.

Andrew J Horton

Principal Structural Engineer

Andrew was born (on 05-09-1971) in Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand (Nu Tireni).

During his time at primary school, Andrew was fascinated with building houses out of lego.  Later, at intermediate school, he decided that when he grew up he’d be a carpenter.  As he entered high school and career choices began to loom larger, Andrew decided instead that he would pursue architecture as his chosen profession.  Thus, after completing high school, Andrew initially embarked on his university training in architecture but after two years towards this end decided to transition into structural engineering.

After graduating from university, Andrew spent the next twenty years in the structural engineering consultancy world but never forgot or lost his passion and empathy for architecture.

When the opportunity of forming his own business arose in early 2017 Andrew decided to combine his interest in building, architectural design and structural engineering with the enabling arm of information technology to create a business specializing in all these disciplines, offering integrated design-build solutions.

As thoughts progressed further within the Transparency team Andrew realized that life is not compartmentalized into careers or interests or hobbies or passions and decided that he wanted to diversify the business to allow all involved to follow all of their passions, interests, and hobbies, whether altruistic or fee earning.  Transparency Group exists to facilitate this holistic approach to all of life.  Living by Design.

Personally, Andrew is married with five children and six grandchildren; enjoys running, worshipping the Lord while singing & playing the piano, praying, listening, thinking, counseling, life-coaching, mentoring, philosophizing, and designing.  He has a special interest in ‘community’ and a desire to bring people together in unity to achieve outcomes that positively impact their lives and the world in which they live. He is now a Sovereign National of Aotearoa, Nu Tireni under He Wakaputanga 1835. 😌